S6Ep3: Hit ’em where it hurts

The Waif isn’t your average bully.
  1. Credit for this find goes to reddit user Aludiana. I just added the Hound and made the gif.
  2. I realize this could be nothing. It could also be something. Directors use images to foreshadow and reference like writers use phrasing.
  3. Leg injuries are not fatal. #hope #Rickoning
  4. Technically which she counts Jon among her brothers her hand gets smacked, and Jon’s hand is burned. That said it’s the wrong hand.
  5. Episode 7 is going to be titled ‘The Broken Man.’


So let’s all get hype for Trial by Dog Fighting.


3 thoughts on “S6Ep3: Hit ’em where it hurts

  1. Regarding the fight choreography and how it relates to the Starks – hitting someone under knees from the back is often considered a treachery, a move very far from fair play. Maybe it is a hint of Umber’s betrayal and not necessarily foreshadowing Rickon’s future leg injury?


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