Stand Alone Essays

Bran is the Lord of Light

Fires, Mounts, and Treasons: Unraveling The Undying

Et tu Drogon? Three Treasons for the Mother of Dragons

Death is the Stranger, Arya Stark is not

Why Winterfell must not fall

Bran Them All: The fate of King’s Landing

Fear and Loathing in House Lannister

The Blackwood Greensight of the Red Woman and the White Wolf



Weirwood Leviathan

I. What Holds it All Together?

II. Bloodraven and the Greatest Evil

III. The Great Kingdom of the Night

IV. The Nerd Rebellion of 82

V. how i manipulated your mother (of dragons)

VI. Young Aegon vs The World Tree

VII. The Wedding of Ice and Fire

VIII. God-On-Earth

IX. Wolves and Wall Street

X. Children Don’t Sing for the Stranger

XI. The World That Falls Apart


Cold War

I. How to Kill Your Neighbors and Still Feel Good About Yourself

II. Silence in the Land of Always Winter

III. The Northern Dragon Crisis

IV. Mirror Mirror beyond the Wall


Now I am become Death

I. Burning and Returning

II. The Lord of Corpses

III. Legacy of a Toy Soldier




11 thoughts on “ESSAYS

      1. I am all for you reading these GoT/ASoIaF essays you’ve created! I walk around and ride the bus where I live often and prefer to listen to audiobooks while going out. I strongly think that if you made your essays in MP3 format (or uploaded you reading it to youtube), I would listen to them over and over again.

        Be wary of making a channel on YouTube though right now though, there’s a “battle” of fair use going on right now there. If you don’t know about it, it’s basically channels who are trying to make some money off their creations (that fall under fair use) having their money stolen by companies claiming their content. With the system YouTube created to help copyright holders claim people who don’t fall under fair use with their work, it’s easy for anyone to claim and steal the money. It’s a hassle. However, if you don’t plan on monetizing should you create a channel there, then you may not have anything to worry about.

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  1. How have I not known you were out here with these essays? Just finished the stand alone as well as the first three parts to the cold war. My Boss probabaly hates you cause I’ve been extremely unproductive today, but fuck it Weirwood Leviathan here I come.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think perhaps when we near season 7 or when TWOW comes out I might start writing again. Right now I’m sort of at a place where a lot of my theories are already out there. A lot of it really hinges on Bran and Bloodraven, and season 6 was actually really minimal in terms of how much they gave away with them, so I don’t have much new content to dig into at the moment on that front.


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