Here are links to good theories and essays that have given me ideas, and generally just ideas I think are worth taking a look at.

Game of Thrones Academy

  • A youtube channel where A Song of Ice and Fire is analyzed through the the lens of real history and politics. Their video on the Leviathan sparked my theory on the Weirwood Leviathan.

Preston Jacobs

  • Check out the Minds of Wolves and Robins. It’s great. Also everything else he does. This channel is what got me into ASOIAF theorizing. Preston looks at ASOIAF in depth, and through the lens of GRRM’s other work.

Game of Thrones and Norse Mythology

  • “The Ragnarok Theory.” I highly recommend giving it a read. The similarities between ASOIAF and Ragnarok are pretty glaring.

War and Politics of Ice and Fire

  • Great podcasts and essays analyzing the series from several talented writers. New  very in depth content weekly.

Lucifer Means Lightbringer

  • The astronomy and mythology behind the Long Night and the current events of ASOIAF.

Alt-Shift X

  • Professionally presented and visually cohesive breakdown of popular ASOIAF theories.


  • I spend a lot of time on the ASOIAF reddit. There are some great ideas floating around on there.

One thought on “RESOURCES

  1. I see that you recommend Preston Jacobs here so I assume you’re familiar with his counter theory to R+L=J. I’m not all in on R+L=D or B+A=J but I’m pretty sold on Jon not being Lyanna’s child (or at least the subject of his promise to Lyanna).

    I’d like to know why you’re all in on R+L=J. I have a really hard time believing it.


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